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Are Wood Pellets Really Best Choice for Home Heating?

   1. Are Wood Pellets Really Best Choice for Home Heating

  The arrival of oil and gas fired central boiler and furnaces free people from toil, mess and smoke.

  As un-renewable energy, the price of oil and gas fluctuates a lot.

  There is a high tendency for old style but new generation of clean and efficient wood pellets. Heating with small wood pellets is no longer a day dream for in many European countries like UK, Sweden where biomass pellets are very popular.


  A. While it cannot be denied that the cost to install biomass pellets stove or boiler is much higher for homeowners.

  The most common reason to switch to wood pellets is that it’s a cheaper option on a year-to-year basis than either oil or propane. But the benefits have to be paid for up-front. A pellet stove can run from $2,500 to $4,000 installed. The heating saving can help pay that off in about two years on average. But a boiler can cost between $15,000 to $25,000,which is two or three times of the installation cost for an oil or gas boiler.

  B. Though the cost for wood pellets boilers would decrease with advanced technology, it never is as cheap as oil or propane. It’s a long term investment that the cost has about 5 to 7 year payback and the life of the boiler is around 30 years, while the saving is still obvious and huge. Also with the government’s support on renewable biomass pellets, tax-free and tax-reduced wood pellets and wood pellet stoves are cheaper. In U.S.A., at least two pending bills propose to expand and increase the credit up to $6000 to subsidize the purchase of stoves, biomass boilers and furnaces. Congress is pushing the passage of its home star legislation to encourage residential energy efficiency, which could spur adoption of wood pellets and wood stoves.

  How to heat home?

  C. To new builders, or people facing a boiler replacement, they will consider wood pellets because the cost no matter for biomass wood pellets stove or for oil will be there anyway, more or less. And there is also a huge space for large usage of wood pellets in heating and electricity industries.

  Make your own pellets

  Since heating with wood pellets is hot tendency, making wood pellets is also a good business no matter for sale or for own use. We recommend small and simple HENAN BEST flat die pellet mill in home pellets production.

  You can make pre-medium wood pellets with only few money. While for larger wood pellets production, ring can have high working efficiency and high yield.

  Wood heating isn't what it used to be. It's now clean, efficient and, in the right stove, high-tech. And, as it's always been, it's a renewable resource.

  With easy wood pellet mill in low price, you can save lots money by making your own pellets.

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