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Ukraine Biofuel Pellets Consumption

   Ukrainian pellet market is export oriented.90% of the outlet pellets are exported to EU countries.

  The major importer of Ukrainian wood and agro‐pellets is Poland.

  According to Fuel Alternative data the major importer of Ukrainian wood and agro‐pellets is Poland.

  In 2010 there are 22000tons of wood and agro‐pellets is exported to Poland and Accounting for 25.3% of total exports.

  The solid biofuel export in Ukraine keeps increasing since 2009.

  The wood pellets export growth rate from 2009 to 2009 is 134.6% from 64600tons in 2009 to 87000tons in 2010.

  Due to the export oriented of the Ukraine pellet market, it is easily affected by the consumer market of the pellets import countries from Ukraine.

  So we suggest the investors to make consumption market survey assessment before starting production of biofuel pellets in Ukraine to reduce the risk of investment.

  As for in Ukraine,the Ukrainian government should encourage people to use fuel pellets to increase the pellets domestic demand and reduce the dependence on foreign markets.

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