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Why wood pellet not forming good?

   Why wood pellet not forming good?

  (1) the characteristics of wood raw material itself:

  In general, pine and other relatively soft texture of wood chips are more likely to press,if raw material are hardwood, or raw material like flour powder, it need to be mixed with wood shavings, basically forming.

  (2) ring die compression ratio:

  Whether the ring die compression ratio are not matched with the characteristics of raw material, this needs the guidance of professional staff.

  (3) the clearance between roller and ring die mold:

  clearance of granulating chamber roller and die is too large, generally is 0.1 ~ 0.3 mm, clearance is too large, so pressure is not enough, can't extrusion.

  (4) Produce wood pellet, the moisture content of raw material is a very important index.

  Generally the moisture should be below 20%, but it is not absolutely,different material has different requirements, like pine, fir, eucalyptus,this material,their moisture should be between 13%-17%.

  The wood pellet machine itself should add some certain moisture to assure fix and forming.

  if the moisture to high, the wood pellet will not forming good and soft.

  Wish this can help you to solve questions,if also have questions,

  please feel free to tell me,i will give you the biggest support.

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