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Hanshi Festival

Cold Food Festival also known as the "smoking section", "Cold Day", "100 Fifth Day" in the lunar calendar after the winter solstice one hundred and five days, twelve days before the Ching Ming Festival. First is the day when the festival, ban fireworks, eat cold food. And gradually increase the later development of the sweep, Camping, swing, kickball, pull hook, cock fighting and other customs, cold food before the holiday stretches back two thousand years, it has been called the largest private memorial day. Cold Food Festival is a traditional festival of Han Chinese custom to name only to eating festival.       

Sources Cold Food Festival, the ancient mankind should worship fire. Ancient live without fire, but the fire is often caused great disaster to human beings, so the ancients believed the fire gods, to worship fire. The worship of fire each year but also to stop and put it out. Then re-ignite a new fire, called the fire changed. Changed when the fire, held a grand memorial activities will Ceres switchgrass burning symbols, called human sacrifice. Xiangyan ChengSu, they formed a fire ban later section.

Fire ban Festival, and later converted to the Cold Food Festival to commemorate the Spring and Autumn Period Jin Ming Chen Jie righteous. Legend Gong exile period, Jie shares had cut him to eat. Gong after returning King and feudal princes Jie been forgotten. Jie reluctant to boast power rivalry, carrying mother lived in Mianshan. Then go to the Mianshan respectfully Gong Jie, Jie reluctant official, hiding in the mountains. Gong put burnt mountain men, intention is to force Jie out of the mountains, the results Jie holding mother was burnt to death under a tree. To commemorate the loyal righteous, so in the dead of the day Jie not for cooking, eat cold food, known as the Cold Food Festival.

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