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Pellet machine routine maintenance methods

1, when the need to replace the ring die pellet mill, should be non-corrosive fuel of the original feed extrusion, the material for reuse when smoothly and to prevent the orifice ring die pellet mill of corrosion;
2, the ring die pellet mill in use after a certain period of time, should regularly check whether the ring mold surface has a partially convex section, and check if the die hole guide has polished spout, sealing or varus and so on;
3, if the application surface grinder or other tools to work part protruding ring mold removed, then the discharge port of the guide chamfer on the ring die pellet mill ring mold make the necessary repairs to extend the ring mold life;
4, attention should fix the ring mold surface within the lowest ring die pellet mill work should be higher than the bottom of the drive slot 2mm, and after repair still roll eccentric axis adjustment margin, or ring mold should be scrapped;
5, if the majority of the material clogging the die holes are not expected, you can take cooking oil soaked or oil to soften the material way, re-granulation;
After 6, if you still can not granulated, you can use an electric drill to plug the die hole drilled material, then add sand grinding oily material after use;
7, ring die pellet mill ring mold must be stored in a dry, clean place, and good size identification, if stored in a humid place, it may cause a ring mold particles machine ring mold corrosion, thereby reducing the life of the ring mold or affect the material effect.

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