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Pellets machine five routine maintenance Note

Pellet feed machine (aka: feed particle machine, pellet feed machine), belongs to feed pelleting equipment. Based on corn, soybean meal, straw, grass, rice husks directly compressed particles of pulverized feed processing machinery.
     Here to introduce pellets machine five routine maintenance precautions
      Daily should pay attention
      1 is often clear cavity remaining material.
      2. The charge is a class note lubricant within the first production in two oiling rollers eccentric shaft mark.
      3. Check whether the wheel is often a gap with the inner wall in a normal state.
      4. Always check the tightness of the triangle tape, timely adjustment.
      5. Frequent cleaning equipment is on the outer dust and dirt.
Failure timely maintenance. First, boot no particles. Check the feed hole is normal, if nowhere can play a hand drill orifice. Note that the water content of spices, the adjustment ring mold wall and the nip and so on. Second, the particles forming rate. The reason is that the moisture content of the material is too low, it should increase the moisture content of the powder material. Third, the particle surface rough. Pay attention to the material fuel, extrusion cycle to the run to achieve the required finish. Fourth, the yield is too low. As the feed is not enough, you can enhance the feeder gate opening degree. The ring mold wall and the roller gap is too large, you can adjust the gap to about 0.15 mm. The ring mold powder caking, agglomeration can remove the ring mold kit. Fifth, sudden shutdown of the host. Check the fuse, remove the ring mold cavity material, and a corresponding reduction in feed rate. As in the material foreign matter, etc. should be shut down immediately clear.

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