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Use and maintenance of the flat die pellet mill feed

1, using the flat die pellet mill feed prior to first check all parts of the machine screw is fixed; gear boxes marked with hypoid gear oil, oil replaced every 500 hours of operation.
2, before turning on the two ends of the pressure roller adjustment screw loose, then start the motor, observe the machine rotation is identical with the label.
3, take 20 pounds of sawdust, sand 25 pounds, 15 pounds of cooking oil Stir first two press wheel adjustment screws adjustment (pressure roller and the template gap 0.1-0.3mm), then boot, followed by another discharge grinding, polishing so that repeated several times, to mold smooth bore all the material so far. Down more than expected after the mold hole punch can be opened with the oil.
4, particle machine early stage before shutdown to stop feeding, after the material inside the silo to be finished processing, then add the oil containing Yaru mold hole, keeping within the aperture clogging lubrication to prepare for the next use will not occur.
5, pellet length, adjustable spout cutter above the vertical position.
6, the proportion of raw meal of the model number can not exceed 50%.
7. Press wheel bearing Under normal production conditions, shall not more than five days, it is necessary to clean once with petrol or diesel, while injecting high-speed grease. Gear box gear or bearing maintenance once the first three months.
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