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Feed particle machine Handling Precautions

Feed pelleting process is inseparable from the support of equipment, as feed grain machine the feed machinery exists in order to create greater value feed to play its last time we talked about in the device knowledge using rules feed particle machine, Here straw shredder followed the safe use of regulations will provide you a detailed explanation, is divided into five core to summarize. Article: work the operator to stand side feed machinery, to prevent hard objects from the feed opening pop wounding;
Article: Do not reach into the feed opening and force feeding, non-stick, etc. to help with feeding, to prevent injury loss machine;
Article: found in the work are not functioning properly or have a different sound, should immediately stop cutting off power supply when the machine to a complete stop before opening the hood inspection, checking the machine rotation is prohibited, to identify the reasons, troubleshooting and then work;
Article IV: Operation not free to increase the spindle speed to avoid damage during high-speed rotation machine hanging wounding, resulting in unnecessary loss;
Article: work process, the operator can not leave their jobs, power must be shut down when an urgent need to leave;

Article VI: under 18 years of age and older, the mind is unclear who can not boot, you must wear a hat when working with long hair lesbian operator, the operator can not drink the job. More than a few precautions when feed mechanical work must bear in mind, to ensure safety in production, based on the pursuit of high standards and then quality and efficiency, we will see a better and more excellent production results, customer satisfaction is our eternal pursue                                                                            



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