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HENAN BEST celebrated Chinese Traditional Festival of Lanterns

   When the Spring Festival just pass each year, it'll be chinese traditional the festival of lanterns

  on the first moon 15th of Chinese traditional calendar.

  According to chinese civilian tradition people usually celebrate by lighting up illuminations

  and go off to enjoy moon and set off skyrocket and guess riddles written on lanterns and eat

  rice glue ball and the whole family get together at the night.

  Lighting up illuminations started from Han Dynasty,

  but it was more than come on to in Tang Dynasty, and was held for five days in Song Dynasty,

  and it was ever held for ten days is the best long the festival of lanterms by Ming Dynasty

  in Chinese history.

  To guess riddles written on lanterns came out in Song Dynasty,

  people wrote conundrum on a scrip and then stuck it on illuminations with colors to offer

  people guessing.

  It not only can edify personal wisdom, but very funny,

  so that it has enjoyed deeply by the all estate in the society during come down.

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