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  • Vertical Ring Die Pellet Mill
    moreVertical Ring Die Pellet Mill
       1). Wood Pellet Machine is our main product which has adopted the essence of pellet mill in oversea market.   2. Wood Pellet Machine has filled the country blank in vertical feeding for ring die pellet mill and reached the international advanced level.    3. Wood Pellet Machine is mainly applicable for difficu...
  • Horizontal Ring Die Pellet Machine
    moreHorizontal Ring Die Pellet Machine
       Horizontal ring die machine uses biomass waste,sawdust,bark,rice husk,straw as raw material to process them to pellet as high density fuel.   Material scope: rice dusk, straw, cotton stalk, wood chips, sawdust, palm shell, sunflower, olive pulp, bagasse, etc. Many kinds of raw material granulating.     The fi...
  • Ring Die Feed Pellet Machine
    moreRing Die Feed Pellet Machine
    (1) The ring die feed pellet machine is widely used in large, medium and small-scale  aquaculture etc. (2) Powder feed meal without or little water can be granulated, so the pellet&nbs...
  • Animal Feed Pellet Mill
    moreAnimal Feed Pellet Mill
    BSM animal feed pellet machine can produce biomass or feed stuff pellet well. It may also be applicable to biological fertilizer, organic manure as well as fertilizer for low-temperature granulation.   The raw material: sawdust, rice husk, cotton stalk, cottonseed skins, weeds, crop stalks and other plant wastes, especially low-bon...
  • Flat Die Pellet Mill
    moreFlat Die Pellet Mill
       Flat Die wood pellet mill is a kind of small capacity pellet machine, which is made of a set of press roller, flat die, feeder and gear bearings equipped with electrical motor, diesel engine, tractor and gasoline power.   You can select a proper flat die small wood pellet mill depending on your practical needs. The pellets...
  • Fish Feed Extruder
    moreFish Feed Extruder
    Floating fish feed extruder machine is widely used for producing grains into high-grade aquatic feed pellets for fish, catfish, shrimps, crab etc.   The puffing fish feed pellets can float&n...

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