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Vertical Feed Crusher & Mixer
Machine structure of vertical feed mixer & grinder
    1). This machine can be divided into two parts, a crushing structure and a material structure.
    2).The crushing structure:There are two ways to input the materials: automatically or manually. When the raw materials were put into the crushing room, with the beating of the hammer leaf and the scrubbing of the air, the raw materials will be crushed into mealiness or graininess. Then under the effect of the centrifugal air, the meanliness or the graininess will get in to the A impeller casing through the sieve pore.
   3). The materials mixing structure: with the whirling of the thruster, the materials will be transferred into the material pipeline by the B hammer room by force. There, the materials will be lifted to the top of the room and be totally mixed up and down and spinned from left to right via the air. Therefore, the materials can be evenly mixed which is quite ideal.

Technical Parameters of vertical feed mixer & grinder

Type Capacity Power (KW) Dimension (mm)
BTH-500 500kg/batch 3 2000x1050x2300
BTH-1000 1000kg/batch 4 2150x1160x2600
BTH-2000 2000kg/batch 7.5 2700x1700x3060

Machine advantage of vertical feed crusher & mixer
  I. Vertical feed mixer tank made by metal, propeller blades made by stainless steel, no rust, easy maintain
  II. The frame is of framework design, solid and durable
  III. Propeller is wholly processed after welding, with high concentricity
  IV. The standing operation allows little space
  V. Mixing in a sealed manner,uniform mixing and no leakage definitely
  VI. Small horse power,large mixing capacity and fast speed to realize a uniform mixing in 10~15 minutes
  VII. Oil filler and material discharging device are designed at frame bottom, with durable bearings
  VIII. Automatic feed and discharge feed by manual valve


Main features about vertical feed mixer & crusher
    1.The machine adopts  the  advanced  design,  reasonable  arrangement, reliable performance,  convenient maintenance
    2.The final products of the this machine has the quality of even ingredients, high productivity, less-taking space, labor-saving and less production on dusts and also good sealing
    3.With reasonable price and perfect after-saleservice, this  machine  is  the  best  choice  for  the  animal  raiser  to making fortune. 

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