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Pellet Packing Machine
   Pellet packing machine is integrated by packing machines and sealer, which can pack all kinds of biomass pellet, animal feed and fertilizer pellet into 10-20kg or 20-50kg bags.

  The integrated type is very flexible, mainly according to different kinds of bags like nylon, linen or cloth, plastic, etc.



Capacity (kg/bag)

Power (KW)







Power Standard




Seal Speed

0-13m/min (adjusted)

Seal Length

No limited (adjusted)

Seal Width

6-13mm (adjusted)

Temperature Scope

0-300 (adjusted)

Print Words Quantity


   Pellet packing machine can measure weight automatically, after reaching its weight, then bags will fall down to bottom conveyor automatically, then transport to sealer, then sealer will seal bags automatically, full working process is automatic.

  BSM Pellet Packing Machine Sealer Types

  There are two types sealer, one is heat sealer, the other is sew sealer.

  Heat sealer adopts electrical control system and variable speed drive system, which can seal bags automatically by heat sensors. The length of seal is of no limit and can be finished in one time. When closing, it can print production time on the bags automatically. Writing is clear and changing letters process is convenient, it can be used in single and complex membrane or plastic bags. Now it is widely used in food, feed, wood and chemical industry.

  The Sew sealer is mainly used for sealing the nylon bags.

  Based on different bag materials, different sealers will be choosen,, like if bags is plastic bags, the sealer must be heat sealer.

  1).Auto filling system

  2). Auto weighting balance

  3).Auto belt conveyor

  4)Auto sewing machine or Auto heat sealing machine(Could be choose based on different bag materials)

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